We’re Launching in Italy Hand in Hand With We Are Marketing

/ 2019.05.27

We’ve brought together the best elements from marketing and technology to create a force that will lead the Digital Transformation both in Italy and abroad. LeadClic and

We Are Marketing are joining forces in a project aimed at creating the largest independent consulting firm specializing in end-to-end services where technology and 360° marketing come together to bring noticeable, tangible results.

This collaboration allows LeadClic to combine its trajectory that boasts a decade of experience in the Salesforce universe with WAM’s strategic Digital Marketing experience. This merger will enable us to:

  • Offer new services to our clients.
  • Reach a greater transformation capability.
  • Gain a sounder financial footing.
  • Multiply our growth potential.

Both companies will continue to maintain their own identities for now but will join forces to increase the services they can provide thanks to the knowledge from their highly-qualified digital marketing and technology teams.

We at LeadClic will continue to operate from our offices in Madrid, but we’ll also have a presence in Valencia, Barcelona, Miami, and more, and Milan of course along with WAM (We Are Marketing), allowing us to expand our operations abroad.

Our goal for 2019 is to reach a staff of 150 employees and add new clients to our roster and include them to some of the projects we’re leading in Spain for companies such as Seur, Ikea, Telefónica, Sanitas, and more. In the next three years, the idea is to have 250 employees and continue growing at this pace.

About WAM

WAM is a strategic digital marketing consulting partner focused on creating scalable projects that have an impact on their clients’ business growth. Its vast industry experience makes them focus on achieving results based on joint KPIs for all stages of a project, showing business performance beyond earnings and sales.

Using the most advanced technological solutions and specializing in implementing market-leading tools, they seek to produce a more significant impact on their clients’ balance sheet.

By occupying a space at the confluence of a marketing agency and the business model of the leading consulting firms, WAM marries the benefits of both business models.

WAM’s international network allows it to guide brands seeking to expand and develop with a tremendous ability to manage and execute from its 360° service perspective.  

LeadClic and WAM: Together at Basecamp Milan 2019

On May 28th, LeadClic and WAM will go to Salesforce’s Basecamp Milan event together. As Salesforce Partners, we don’t want to miss out on this chance to find out first-hand about the latest updates to better manage sales, marketing, and customer service.

We were together at Basecamp Madrid on May 9th, and now it’s our Italian team’s turn. Will we see you there? We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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