TRANSFORMINGTHE FUTURE, NOWThe transformation continues as the objective. And the people in our team are our company's greatest asset.


In 1922 started one of the most passionate adventures into Human History. An storie made of effort, fighting against the elements, a story about improvement, fails, falls and adversities to re-start, rise up and achieve the win. In 1922 the british climber George Mallory tried, for the first time, conquer the Worlds Top, the Everest summit, and he failed. Two years later, alongside Andrew Irving, they will try again, but, just before facing the Second Step, just a few meters before the top, his story blurs between the fog of the legend covered by the everlasting snow of the mountain. No one would see them again, no one will know if their dream came true. But their story of success and effort has been useful as an example of everyone who came after them to climb higher and to reach the summit, until May 29th, 1953, when Edmun Hillary and Trenzing Norgay had conquered the top of the World. Our history starts some years later, but it is also the story of a dream pursued with effort; the story of useful fails and success inspired by two basic values that LeadClic has: continuous transformation as a goal. And our team as best value of the company. The trail to reach this point has been full of adversities, it was hard and we had to pass through unknown ways that we opened with every step, excited to discover until where can dem carry us. But, as Hillary and Norgay, this is possible because the effort of the best team, to the experience of past projects, and an innovator and a ´non-giving-up´ personality we have achieved the highest peaks, being at the vanguard of technology at the service of big projects but also middle and small companies in Spain. Next step will not be given in another mountain, with the next step we will not conquer another simmer, the next step will make us fly above the clouds. Will you come with us?



We have been completing all the stages of our history, reaching an ever higher level, working in continuous evolution, implementing new services and taking advantage of the continuous innovations that launch from Salesforce.


LeadClic becomes an Platinum Partner de Salesforce continuing to innovate in each and every one of the Salesforce clouds


We start with innovation. We are a pioneer in technological innovation, with a philosophy of horizontal work, which puts our team of people at the centre of the creative and productive process.
Having a multidisciplinary, plural, united and committed team allows us to face our projects, integrating diverse perspectives and exploring a universe of alternatives, to put all of the Salesforce technology at the service of our customers.


Consolidating the base team and the practice of consultancy in the Salesforce world


The first stage of our story begins in 2002, when we started from our base camp and began our ascent into the world of Salesforce, internalising this CRM from the user's perspective


Podemos hacer mucho por ti

At LeadClic, we offer not only implementation, but also all the business intelligence, analysis and support essential to successfully achieve your CRM strategy and your goals.



Nubes de Salesforce

Sales Cloud / Luis Mañas

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Service Cloud / Karla Montoya

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Marketing Cloud / Ana Timón

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Community Cloud / Rosa García

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Analytics Cloud / Felipe Echanique

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IoT Cloud / Manuel García

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Commerce cloud / Gonzalo Quevedo

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Platform / Marcos Hidalgo

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Pardot / Jen Hernández

Salesforce Pardot

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Quip / Noelia Herrera

Salesforce Quip

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